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Songs of Dry Wit & Wet Reverb

Songs of Dry Wit & Wet Reverb

What do you get when you cross Rupert Murdoch, monks bricked up in a café wall and middle-class Mums complaing about their local branch of Waitrose?

Songs of Dry Wit and Wet Reverb, of course. An irreverent, theatrical set com-prised of ditties written and composed by Paul Lawless and Gill Simmons (aka Moreish and Tangy) – suitable for any occasions including open mics and com-munity festivals.

This double-act was Born from a com-mission by the Bristol Architecture Cen-tre for their Sounding City: A musical map of Bristol project, to celebrate their 25th birthday.

North Street Fair, Bristol 9th September

Bakesmiths Café Open Mic, Bristol 16th April 2017

Shaftesbury Fringe Festival Friday 30th June 2017

Southbank Arts Trail, Bristol 14th May 2017

Sharp Teeth Scratch Night, The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol 30th October 2016

Sounding City: A musical map of Bristol Project (Bristol Architecture Centre 25th Birthday) 25th September 2016