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Sardine Ninjas

Show Copy:

Bob and Bertie are perturbed. Founding members of the support group WTF (We Transcend Felines) they are committed missionaries issuing advice and support to those rendered near cat-atonic by constant cat-aclysmic cat-astrophes.

Trained professionals they are not – but don’t go telling them your darling moggy has feelings, can be understood or employs rational thought – you’ll get short shrift from these do-gooders.

If you’ve suffered from hallways of half-dead frogs, trod-den on an abandoned vole bladder or been covered in cat-nip induced vomit – join Bob and Bertie’s cause as they attempt to prove, categorically speaking, that moggies are, by definition, hideous bullies.

Sardine Ninjas was originally written by Gill in April 2017 for the Southbank Arts Trail. It was later redeveloped (and renamed ‘The Sardine Ninjas’) by Gill and Paul as a walkabout piece of theatre for two. This version debuted at the North Street Fair in September 2017.

Tour Dates:

Margot May Tearooms, Bristol Sunday 14th May

North Street Fair, Bristol 9th September